Who we are?

ANFFECC is an association that joins the majority of the Spanish ceramic frits, glazes and ceramic pigments producers. Their members are purveyors of the Spanish tile industries, who use these products in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles. Frits, glazes and pigments give the ceramic tiles their characteristic colour and image.


Spanish Frits are the worldwide leaders in turnover, R&D, Innovation, quality, design, and client service. Exports represent 70 % of the total sells, and they are distributed all over the world, from Europe and Africa to Latin-America and the Far-East.


The association has 23 company members, most of them located in the Spanish East coast, mainly in Castellón province, in what has been called the “Ceramic Cluster” or “ceramic triangle” (Onda-Alcora-Villarreal). Most of them have their installations very close to their clients, the tile producers.


In ANFFECC we work for the interest of all members, and mainly dedicate our efforts in these areas:

  • Promote studies and projects of general interest for the members.
  • Participate in different entities, such as the regional Chamber of Commerce, Cevisama (Valencia Ceramic International Fair), Feique (Spanish Chemical Federation), Eurocolour, (European Association of Pigments Producers) or CEV and CEOE.
  • Act as representatives of our members in the different national and international forums.
  • Defend the interests of the members in the national and international ambit establish cooperation agreements with public and private entities
  • Stablish cooperation agreements with both public and private entities.


Address: C/ Enmedio, 116,1º Dcha.
12001 Castellón, Spain

Tel: (+34) 964 20 53 72